Shaanxi Road 陕西北路
Tuesday 21 of October Martin Arfalk is lecturing at the Urban Culture Seminar in Shanghai, China. The seminar is a part of a lecture series which explores both the historic and modern urban culture of Shaanxi Road. Last year, Shaanxi Road was designated a national historical and cultural street, and is an important public space in the historic city district of Jing’an. The seminars seek to discuss how the street could evolve within the protection guidelines, how to highlight the elegance of the different historical layers, and how to integrate it with the modern city. 10月21日星期二,Martin Arfalk将在中国上海的都市文化风貌沙龙就“城市公共文化景观”话题进行公开演讲。位于静安区繁华地段的陕西北路,去年刚刚被评为全国历史文化名街。但是陕西北路应该如何在保护中发展,如何在现代社会中突显民国时代的风华?在这次的都市文化风貌沙龙中,多位设计师、专家将以公开课和对话的形式与大家共同讨论陕西北路所面临的历史风貌街区保护和城市现代化发展等问题。