a creative collective with a team spanning seven nationalities and designers trained in the fields of architecture, urban design, planning, and landscape architecture. The office is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and has established itself as an international design practice through a strong and growing network of collaborators in Europe, Asia and North America. The office is owned and operated by Martin Arfalk and Patrick Verhoeven. 
Manda refers to an innovative design language with the ability to communicate the specificity of local languages in our global world! The Manda language we create is distinct for every project and is driven by intensive research, cultural sensitivity, and an ambition to reveal the unexpected. To speak Manda we work with each project’s individual set of design ideas and locality to construct a grammar, syntax, and dictionary that allows for experimentation, joy and creativity.


delivering captivating design solutions by combining expertise in urban planning, landscape architecture and urban design. The offices multi-disciplinary approach and variety of professional experiences create a platform that allows the team to turn complex problems into imaginative, contextually sensitive, human experiences. 


formed by the office’s abilities to critically analyze project sites, to develop clear conceptual narratives, and to discover the hidden potentials within our clients demands.  Our working process crafts each project into a unique place through testing a variety of design solutions through hand sketching, digital drawing, and 3d modelling. Utilizing a variety of design tests, our team is able to provide leadership by clearly and concretely communicating our ideas to our clients and collaborators early in the design process.  This results in an open dialogue where our experienced project leaders can work together with our clients to formulate a clear overall direction. Once a direction is established, our skilled team works to both refine the design details and continue to stimulate the public imagination.  Collectively, our approach leads to the implementation of places defined by their strong identity, social atmosphere, and integrated sustainability features.