A design, urban planning and landscape architects office. The office is registered in Sweden as a limited company but have an international profile. The office is owned and operated by Martin Arfalk and a dynamic team. MANDAWORKS has an extensive collaboration with offices in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands.


The three focus areas are: urban planning, landscape architecture and urban design. The office has good experience in the matters of the interaction between the different focus areas and the office believes that only when the various components find a harmonious and strong common language the best result is reached.


MANDAWORKS has a conceptual approach that offers a critical understanding of the nature of each project and its opportunities. Each project has its own identity and it is important to clarify its unique content and search for its potential force. The approach follows a clear structure which gives the office a freedom in the design process. To ensure each projects unique opportunity, projects are handled in a five step model. The first step is to formulate the projects context. In the second step the project opportunities are identified. In step three the direction of the project is identified and the content relevant for the project are considered; The project concept is formulated. The concept is the basis on which the projects design and strategy rests. In a fourth step the projects conceptual core and its design strategy is developed. The last step solidifies the project by producing the relevant communication documents.