Mandaworks back in Uppsala!

May 17, 2020

We are excited to have landed another framework agreement with the city of Uppsala! As of this month, we and our friends from Warm in the Winter have started working on a new project in Gottsunda - Valsätra in the city of Uppsala, north-west of Stockholm. We will support the municipality with our expertise and knowledge to transform the district into a vibrant and urban environment, making use of its unique social and natural qualities and its central location within the southern expansion of Uppsala. Read more about the project here:

Mandaworks receives 4th place for Viinikanlahti competition in Tampere, Finland

May 06, 2020

Over the last few years, we have become well acquainted with the lakes and shorelines of Tampere, Finland. We have been a part of creating visions for three of its coasts around its City centre. Our most recent endeavor took us to the area of Viinikanlahti, where participated in the competition to masterplan a new neighbourhood. We were honoured to be selected among six finalists out of 57 proposals and finishing 4th for our efforts. To see our proposal click here.

We are proud to share our runner-up proposal for Grasbrook Hamburg!

April 29, 2020

Together with Karres en Brands we proposed a model “City of the future” for Hamburg’s newest district, in an iconic harbor location south of the Elbe. “The Open City” was one of twelve initial proposals and three finalists in the competition organized by HafenCity. The extremely ambitious and challenging brief asked for masterplans without precedent. An inclusive quarter where innovation is leading and new typologies of working and housing will emerge. Although not the winning scheme, we are honoured to be given the chance to contribute to the discussion about Hamburg’s future on such an important and iconic site. Although not the winning scheme, we are extremely proud of our team’s proposal, and remain convinced that it lays down an ambitious and progressive vision for the future of Grasbrook! Learn about our project here!

Mandaworks in Arninge-Ullna, Täby Municipality

April 22, 2020

We are starting up a one-year assignment for Täby Municipality just north of the city of Stockholm. In the role of landscape architect, Sunna Pfeiffer will join the Municipality's project group that will be developing the public spaces in Arninge-Ullna. Mandaworks will contribute to the sustainable urban development of the public spaces, parks and green structures in the growing, new neighbourhood of Arninge-Ullna! Read more about the neighbourhood here!

Photo source: Google Earth

The Knowledge Park in Lund under construction

April 15, 2020

Construction is beginning on The Knowledge Park in Lund, in the Skåne region of Southern Sweden, for which Mandaworks created a concept design for the Municipality of Lund in 2015. The park, which is located in a new area of Brunnshög north-east of the city centre with approximately 40.000 new residents, merges the urban environment of the city with the open landscapes of Skåne. Covering more than 170 hectares, the park combines extensive natural areas and intensive areas for structured recreation. The park aims to become a green oasis with room for experience-rich exploration, exercise and cultivation. Learn more about our proposal on our website and here!

New members joining the Stockholm office

April 01, 2020

It's always a nice moment when we can announce new additions to the Mandaworks team. Over the last few weeks, we have been joined by two new designers - Lisa and Jan. Lisa - born and raised in Sweden - studied landscape architecture at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala and finished her studies in 2018. Her master thesis focused on ecological sustainability and stormwater management in Parkbryggan in Ulleråker, Uppsala. During her studies, Lisa spent a semester in New Zealand, deepening her interest in how landscape architecture can contribute to creating great environments of the future. Lisa brings fresh knowledge of detail design solutions and a holistic approach to the team. Jan, originally from Magdeburg, Germany, is trained as a landscape architect and moved to Sweden in 2006. He studied at the Faculties of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Dresden where he graduated in 2006. He has a wide range of experience, working on projects in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, and elsewhere in Europe. He has experience in all project phases, from the concept sketch to the detailed plans. In his work, Jan focuses on the interaction between architecture, landscape architecture and urban development with the user in focus. We are excited to welcome both Lisa and Jan to the team and we are looking forward to working on some amazing projects together!

Royal Neighbour in de Architect

March 26, 2020

If you are fluent in Dutch, do not miss this article about our project, Royal Neighbour, in the online magazine de Architect. The project, which we have been working on intensively since 2014 together with our friends from Adept Architects, is the last part in the new north city district of the Royal Seaport, with its first inhabitants expected to move in beginning in 2026. Stay tuned for how the project develops! Read the article here or get to know more about the project on our website!

Proposals for Kromet block revealed!

March 18, 2020

Over the past few months, we have been working on a proposal for a new block and surrounding public space in Gothenburg, Sweden, together with our collaborators Henning Larsen, Kanozi, Eliath and Sweco. Recently, the proposals from the parallel assignment were made public. The outcome has yet to be decided, but we are keeping our fingers crossed! Read more about the project and proposal here or on Vasakronan’s website!

New competition in China!

March 11, 2020

We have been invited to participate in the urban design competition for Chengdu's Featured Towns and Conservation and Restoration of Linpan Rural Residence Complexes in Chengdu, China. We are one of nine teams selected to participate. Linpan is a rural settlement in the Chengdu Plains, composed of farmhouses, farmland, and large irrigation networks. The agricultural production, life, and landscape has evolved over centuries of cultivation. We are looking forward to an exciting project and collaboration with the China City Development Academy (CCDA)! Read more about the competition here!

Photo source: Wikipedia

MW finalist in competition in Montreal, Canada

March 04, 2020

We are stoked to announce that our design proposal has been selected as one of the 5 finalists of McGill College Reinventing the Avenue's competition in Montreal! Together with Civiliti, we have been transforming this historical axis dominated by cars into a vibrant pedestrian destination. Stay tuned for the results here!

Photo source: Alexandre Paré

Vision for Taschereau, Canada

March 01, 2020

For the past months, we have been collaborating with l'Atelier Urbain et STGM + Associés Architectes on an ambitious vision for boulevard Taschereau's corridor, providing an exciting glimpse into the future which was just released by the City of Longueuil and can be discovered here!

Detailed plans for Ulleråker approved

February 26, 2020

Since 2017, together with our collaborators Warm in the Winter, we have been working with Uppsala Municipality on developing a comprehensive vision for Ulleråker, a new development area south of Uppsala's city centre. Recently, the detailed plans for Ulleråker were approved. We are looking forward to the next steps of the project! Read more about the project here!

Amiralsstaden vision released

February 20, 2020

During autumn last year we supported Malmö Municipality in developing visual material for the new Amiralsstaden project, located in the southern part of downtown Malmö, Sweden. Last week the material was released, following the city’s decision to approve the project to go into public consultation. The aim of the new development is to increase density and the quality of the living environment, as well as improving connections to the nearby areas. Read more here!

Planning the future of biking in Lévis, Quebec, Canada

February 12, 2020

We are thrilled to be collaborating with Copenhagenize and EMS Engineering on the development of Lévis' new Bicycle Master Plan! The City of Lévis already is a destination for cyclists with over 320km of functional and scenic routes. In the upcoming months, we will look at how to expand and bonify the network, and develop exciting destinations along it in order to provide the blueprint for a future of active mobility!

Photo source:

'Districts of the past, wishes of the present'

February 10, 2020

We have been selected, together with our collaborators from FABRICations, to participate in an exciting design competition, Panorama Lokaal, in Julianadorp, the Netherlands. The competition aims to find new ways to use the existing urban-rural fringes in the Netherlands to create energy-efficient, climate-proof and viable districts, tackling issues such as climate change, ageing society, housing shortages and the need for increased sustainability of agriculture. Mandaworks has always had a strong connection to the Netherlands, so we are extremely excited to take on this challenge! Read more about the competition here!

Photo source: Panorama Lokaal

Mandaworks giving a lecture at BUDMA in Poznan, Poland

February 03, 2020

On Wednesday this week, Martin Arfalk will speak at the annual BUDMA event in Poznan, Poland. The BUDMA International Construction and Architecture Fair is one of the most anticipated events for trade representatives, architects, contractors and investors of modern technologies and building materials in Europe. Martin will speak about the "The Beauty behind the design”, and beauty behind the underlying logic of design decisions. Visit the program here!

New vision for Ängelholm coming together!

January 29, 2020

We are excited to announce that Mandaworks has been selected to develop an urban design strategy for the station area in Ängelholm, Sweden! Together with the local municipality our assignment in the next months is to revise the structure plan and develop a vision for a new urban district around the train station. The central location and number of commuters passing through on a daily basis have potential to emerge in an exciting urban addition to the town and a new gateway between Ängelholm and the region. We look forward to working with the naturally beautiful west coast city! For more information, follow the development of the area here!

Happy Chinese New Year! 新春快乐!

January 22, 2020

China is a country of wide possibilities and ambitious planning projects that reach far beyond our imagination. For many years, Mandaworks has been present in China, participating in invited competitions and working on direct commissions, establishing new collaborations and relationships and meeting old and new friends. The year 2020 won't be any different! We will take part in a couple of big competitions and compete with some of the best offices in the world, sharing our ideas and tackling all aspects of sustainability in the rapidly changing world. To elevate our Chinese spirit, we are celebrating Chinese New Year at the office today. We want to wish you all a successful year of a Metal Rat! 新春快乐!

MW in Slovakia!

January 13, 2020

Since last autumn we have been involved in an exciting project on the outskirts of Bratislava. We are working with developers Lucron to transform 41 hectares of land on the border between Slovakia and Austria into a creative urban district. Built around a new train station within the historical context of the Danube Delta and a World War II defence system, the development will form an important local and regional centre for Bratislava's eastern extension. We have been busy creating a vision and comprehensive public space design for the Nesto site, which is moving towards implementation later in 2020, stay tuned!

Proposal for Hlemmur Square moving further!

December 18, 2019

Reykjavik is the world’s most northern capital city. The city’s ‘sub-polar oceanic climate’ combined with its northern latitude results in frequent windy, rainy days, unpredictable snow events and months of darkness. How should you design public space in those conditions?  Since early 2018 we have been on a fascinating journey together with Dagný Land Design and the Municipality of Reykjavik to redesign one of Reykjavik’s central urban spaces - Hlemmur Square, and investigate how spatial design can maximise public life in the winter city. It is an exciting moment for us in Reykjavik as our updated proposal has just been approved by the planning and transportations departments. We are now awaiting the final approval from the council, as the plan moves towards implementation! Read more about the process here or check our proposal! We also want to wish you all merry Christmas and happy New Year! See you all again in 2020!

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