Happy Chinese New Year! 新春快乐!

January 22, 2020

China is a country of wide possibilities and ambitious planning projects that reach far beyond our imagination. For many years, Mandaworks has been present in China, participating in invited competitions and working on direct commissions, establishing new collaborations and relationships and meeting old and new friends. The year 2020 won't be any different! We will take part in a couple of big competitions and compete with some of the best offices in the world, sharing our ideas and tackling all aspects of sustainability in the rapidly changing world. To elevate our Chinese spirit, we are celebrating Chinese New Year at the office today. We want to wish you all a successful year of a Metal Rat! 新春快乐!

MW in Slovakia!

January 13, 2020

Since last autumn we have been involved in an exciting project on the outskirts of Bratislava. We are working with developers Lucron to transform 41 hectares of land on the border between Slovakia and Austria into a creative urban district. Built around a new train station within the historical context of the Danube Delta and a World War II defence system, the development will form an important local and regional centre for Bratislava's eastern extension. We have been busy creating a vision and comprehensive public space design for the Nesto site, which is moving towards implementation later in 2020, stay tuned!

Proposal for Hlemmur Square moving further!

December 18, 2019

Reykjavik is the world’s most northern capital city. The city’s ‘sub-polar oceanic climate’ combined with its northern latitude results in frequent windy, rainy days, unpredictable snow events and months of darkness. How should you design public space in those conditions?  Since early 2018 we have been on a fascinating journey together with Dagný Land Design and the Municipality of Reykjavik to redesign one of Reykjavik’s central urban spaces - Hlemmur Square, and investigate how spatial design can maximise public life in the winter city. It is an exciting moment for us in Reykjavik as our updated proposal has just been approved by the planning and transportations departments. We are now awaiting the final approval from the council, as the plan moves towards implementation! Read more about the process here or check our proposal! We also want to wish you all merry Christmas and happy New Year! See you all again in 2020!

Congrats Emeline and the team!

December 10, 2019

We are very proud to share the news that one of our Mandaworkers, Emeline Lex, and her teammates have received a Special Mention for their proposal RE:MEDIATE in Europan 15! The team has proposed a synthesis between living, working, nature, and recreation for the site in Borås, Sweden, with the vision that the site will become 'its own kind of ecosystem, in which a symbiosis between the green, built, and the living can support the needs of people and nature on the same level. This will create a cycle of functions in which everything that is put into it, will mutually define, impact, and support something else'. The competition received more than 12 entries for the site in Borås. Congratulations to the whole team! See the full proposal here!

Photo source: europan.se

Mandaworks in the final round of Grasbrook, Hamburg competition!

December 04, 2019

We are thrilled to announce that we have been selected for the final round of the prestigious Grasbrook urban planning competition in Hamburg. The six finalists are paired up to form three teams of urban planning and landscape architecture duos. The last leg of the competition wraps up in April 2020. We are looking forward to develop and deepen our proposal together with our assigned second round teammates, Karres en Brands, and wish best of luck to the other finalists! Check the entries of the first round and read more about the competition here!

MW at the University of Toronto

December 02, 2019

On Tuesday, Manon Otto will join Supercoordinator Richard Sommer for final reviews of the T.O. Superstudio “Urban Commons: metropolitan actors, metropolitan stages” at Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design at the University of Toronto. To discover the program and the great minds behind it, visit the faculty’s website here!

Photo source: Claire McFarlane

Mandaworks lectures in Luhacovice!

November 21, 2019

Next week, two of our team members travel to Luhacovice, Czech Republic to participate in an annual conference organised by the Czech Society for Gardens and Landscape Architecture, with this year's theme being 'The future is today'. This year's conference focuses on the contemporary trends in sustainable landscape architecture and design and seeks to find answers for how to cope with the impacts of global climate change. In their lectures, Martin Arfalk and Katerina Vondrova will showcase examples of our studio work that focus on sustainability and resiliency in urban landscapes. Read more about the conference here!

Photo source: luhacovice.cz

MW prequalified for parallel assignment for Kromet in Gothenburg!

November 13, 2019

We are delighted to announce that we have been selected to participate in the parallel assignment for development of Kromet block in Gothenburg, Sweden! Together with our collaborators from Henning Larsen, Kanozi, Eliath and Sweco, we will compete against three teams to come up with a design proposal for a waterside, mixed-use block that will offer innovative and sustainable solutions for its future inhabitants and visitors. The competition wraps up at the end of January. We are looking forward to an exciting challenge! Read more information about the assignment here!

Mandaworks in Print

October 30, 2019

Our work has been featured in a few magazines around the world recently, with some written contributions from former and current Mandaworkers. In Krawkow’s Architektura & Biznes, former Mandaworker Kinga Zemla has written a fantastic 14 page article titled ‘Urban Egalitarianism’. The article offers a reflection on democratic design through the lens our project work across Sweden and Finland. The magazine also featured our Sundbyberg project on the cover - Thank you and great work Kinga! The latest issue of the Ontario Professional Planners Institute’s Y Magazine, Danny has contributed an article titled ‘Stockholm’s Royal Seaport: Closing the gap between energy and urban planning’. In the article Danny highlights the ongoing work in the industrial port development to integrate urban and energy planning, and raises the need to think comprehensively when it comes to our cities and their growing energy needs. Get your copy on the newsstands today!

MW at Xi'an Eurasia University

October 16, 2019

Mandaworks is proud to establish a new friendship in China, this time with Xi'an Eurasia University, founded in 1995 in the city of Xi'an in Shaanxi Province. In a rapidly growing global world, we strongly believe in sharing of ideas and building bridges among all people, professionals and public. Martin Arfalk will lecture and participate in the studio for landscape architecture at the Xi'an Eurasia University, sharing the values and interests of MW. The lecture is being held on Tuesday 22nd of October, 2019 at the Xi'an Eurasia University. Looking forward to an exciting event!

Mandaworks is growing again!

October 09, 2019

Since the beginning of September, we have grown again! Over the last few weeks, we have welcomed two new team members into our Stockholm office - Toon and Emeline! Toon is from Diest, Belgium and is trained as a landscape architect. He studied Landscape Architecture at Gent University and has work experience working on projects both in Belgium and Sweden, focusing on technical building plans and water management. Emeline has joined Mandaworks as a junior architect, kickstarting her professional career as an urban designer. She has moved from Toronto, Canada where she has previously studied at Ryerson University's School of Urban and Regional Planning to Lund, Sweden in 2017 to study Sustainable Urban Design. We are excited to welcome both Toon and Emeline to the team and are looking forward to develop amazing projects together!

We are looking for a landscape architect!

October 07, 2019

Come and be part of the MANDAWORKS team in Stockholm! We are searching for a project-oriented and dedicated landscape architect with an eye for design that is looking to run projects together with our multifaceted team of designers. Our ideal candidate is a Swedish-speaking landscape architect with at least five years of experience that loves dynamic, playful and holistic design! Read more about the recruitment process here and get in touch!

Mandaworks at Urban Forum in Ottawa, Canada!

September 23, 2019

On Wednesday, September 25th, Martin and Manon will speak at the Urban Forum in Ottawa, a quarterly lecture series with the goal to promote dialogue and create a public forum for urban development discussions in the Canadian capital. Our lecture will explore the Swedish and Canadian city-building processes, focusing on the similarities, differences, weirdnesses and unexpected consequences in the urban landscape on both sides of the Atlantic. If you are in Ottawa on Wednesday, come see us, more information about the event here!

Martin lectures in China!

September 18, 2019

On Friday and Saturday, September 20-21 2019, Martin Arfalk joins the '3rd International Symposium on Planning and Landscape Environment Design of Contemporary Urban Waterfront Spaces' in Chengdu, China. On Friday, Martin will give a lecture titled 'Waves of Water and History' in which he will tackle aspects of resiliency, sustainability and water sensitivity in our recent projects and share the values of sustainable design and integrated masterplanning in Mandaworks' practice. Read more about the event here!

Photo source: CAMP / www.fotomaly.cz

Mandaworks pre-qualified in Hamburg!

September 12, 2019

We are thrilled to announce we are one of 6 teams pre-qualified to participate in the competition to masterplan 68 hectares of the City’s waterfront. The Grasbrook site is the latest piece of Hamburg’s ambitious plans to convert its industrial port-lands into a world-class urban district. We are super excited for the challenge of competing with some of the World’d best design teams, and look forward to exploring what the Elbe has to offer!

Mandaworks lectures at CAMP in Prague!

September 08, 2019

On Monday September 09, we will give a lecture at CAMP - Centre for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning in Prague, Czech Republic as part of a lecture series 'Urban Talks'. Martin will share the values and visions of Mandaworks and will present a selection of our latest projects. Book your tickets for the event, that is organised by CAMP in collaboration with ARCHIP - Architecture Institute in Prague, here! We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Detailed plan for Södra Nyhamnen approved!

September 05, 2019

The detailed plan for Södra Nyhamnen, that has been developed by Malmö Municipality, has been recently approved. We have been working closely with Jernhusen AB to create a valuable piece of linear public space in a newly planned 6 hectare neighbourhood, in close proximity to Malmö's central station. The result is a surprising and livable public spaces with a great views to the centre of Malmö. We are looking forward to follow up on this fascinating project! Read more about the project here!

MW shortlisted to design Landmark Shenzhen Peninsula, Xichong

August 29, 2019

We are happy to announce that we get a chance to continue our coastal resiliency work that we started in 2019 on Dameisha Seaside Park, with an invitation to participate in a competition for the southern tip of Nan’ao peninsula, China. We will work alongside our friends Gossamer and Arcadis, and compete against a group of world-class design teams. We are extremely grateful to have the chance to deepen and develop our resiliency thinking, and look forward to the challenge that the peninsula has to offer! Read more about the competition here!

MixMax Tibble published in PLAN!

August 14, 2019

Our project MixMax Tibble is issued in the latest PLAN, a quarterly magazine for debate on social planning, both for professionals and the public. We developed the project for a challenging site in Täby, Stockholm together with our friends from ADEPT Architects, Tyréns, Ekologigruppen, Trivector, and Stockholm University. In our project, we are seeking answers to how we can densify existing cities while offering new ways of living, working, and mobility for the local communities. We are looking forward to an exciting autumn with equally challenging tasks on our tables!

MW wishes you a great summer!

July 10, 2019

After a productive and challenging winter and summer of the beginning of 2019, we will now take a well-deserved break to enjoy some sunshine, summer breeze and rest. We see you again in August! Wish you all nice holidays!

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