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Älmhult, Sweden

2015 - 2016

65 ha 


Development plan Commission

Assignment completed - 2016


Municipality of Älmhult


Martin Arfalk, Patrick Verhoeven, Andrei Deacu, Sevasti Gektidou, Maria Gregorio


Kreera Samhällsbyggnad


Vision for a high speed rail corridor

The national negotiation on housing and infrastructure (Sverigeförhandlingen) is responsible for Sweden’s largest infrastructure investments in modern time. The policy makers are considering three options for a high speed rail link that would connect Sweden’s three largest cities together - Stockholm in the North, Gothenburg in the West and Malmö in the south.


Älmhult is located along the potential West link and in February 2016 was negotiating their place on the line. The municipality commissioned a development vision for its potential high speed rail station and resulting urban development to be used in the negotiation process to detail the City’s potential for the high speed infrastructure.


This vision highlighted areas for new development, outlined infill opportunities within the existing city centre. Älmhult is the home of the furniture giant Ikea, so a key component of the vision is the public space connection to the Ikea museum (currently under construction). The vision demonstrates how the new rail line can blend with existing infrastructure and be a catalyst for Älmhult’s growth.

Local Landmark

The proposed station connects directly to the new Ikea museum

Connecting to the context

The station entrance from street level

Integrating infrastructure

View of the station from along the tracks

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