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Årsta, Stockholm, Sweden




1.3 ha 


Developer competition


Assignment completed



Slättö Fastigheter in collaboration with HållKollBo


Martin Arfalk, Patrick Verhoeven, 

Alessandro Macaluso, Sunna Pfeiffer,

Elin Delmar, Giulia di Dio Balsamo


ADEPT Architects

Årstafältet Co-Living Blocks

A housing plan for a shared community

Årstafältet is one of Stockholm’s largest ongoing development projects. Currently the site is an open field landscape, just south of Stockholm’s dense urban core. The ongoing masterplan proposes a dense ring of housing organised around a large, central park. The Årstafältet Co-Living Blocks is a project developed for a land allocation competition in the north-east corner of the masterplan. 

The Co-Living Blocks form a threshold between city and park. The cluster of tight urban structures invite and expose the qualities of both contexts. The proposed buildings are entirely constructed in wood. And through a range of innovative housing typologies, each block expresses a distinct architectural character. The community offers residents a wide choice of housing typology, unit size, price and lifestyle.


Through an experimental combination of interior and exterior spaces, Årstafältet Co-Living Blocks has the highest ambitions to build and share public life in the neighbourhood. One of the partners in the project, Swedish Co-living association HållkollBo, are focused on creating communities that operate on principles of the sharing economy, resource efficient living and engaging social interaction. Årstafältet Co-Living Blocks transforms these principles into functional, spatial solutions. 


The blocks are stitched together with a collection of intimate courtyards, generous balconies, public greenhouses, sheltered atriums and rooftop terraces. These spaces form the collective platform to build, gather and celebrate a shared, green and strong community.

Årstafältet Co-Living

The green ‘infiltrations’ make space for building, gathering and celebrating community.

The city + park threshold

The blocks respond to the street, the surrounding built context and the vast green qualities of the park.

Sensitive density

The tight urban blocks are efficient, while prioritising spaces for people.

Wooden architecture

Constructed entirely in wood, the project embraces full life cycle resource management. 

Opportunities for diverse living

With a wide range of interior and exterior spaces in the blocks, residents can build and share their lives as they choose.

Sharing is caring

Generous public rooftops provide the perfect platform to build strong communities. 

Architecture with options

A wide range of typologies invite a broad mix of socioeconomic groups to the community.

Defining the public realm

Dynamic facades, public atriums and pocket parks contribute to a varied and interesting streetscape.

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