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Oskarshamn, Sweden


2.18 ha


Public space commission



Design comission completed


City of Oskarshamn


Martin Arfalk, Patrick Verhoeven,

Nicholas Bigelow, Maria Gregorio, Sara Ezeldin


Adept Architects

Bohman's Park & Activity Square

An adaptive waterfront park and activity square

The concept development and design Bohman’s Park and activity square is a part of Mandawork’s ongoing work to transform Oskarshamn’s industrial waterfront. Following the masterplan and Kvarter Laxen study, Mandaworks was commissioned to design a flexible civic space that would open up and invite people to the waterfront and when needed, host large city wide events.


Bohman’s Park and activity square is composed of four key elements: the landscape park, the neighbourhood playground, a promenade, and the activity square. The park space is designed to offer a combination of active and passive activities, attracting people of different ages and interests. The open lawn and promenade offers park users space for relaxation, lounging and contemplative enjoyment of the bay’s views. In contrast, the dynamic activity square and playground encourage frantic and enthusiastic play, with a combination of structured sport courts and less structured ‘play rooms’.


The park and activity park pulls together the space with a clear and defined spatial design. The contrasting activity rooms are carefully defined using a combination of local and exotic vegetation, paving treatments and street furniture to form a cohesive and symbiotic urban space. When the space is needed to host large events the design of the park adapts to the need and has the ability to completely reorganise to facilitate stages, crowds, food trucks and other event paraphernalia. 

Two defining characters

The northern landscape and the southern activity square collectively form the park

Four binding layers

A unifying floor, activity zones, furnishings, and landscape frame define the square

The activity square

Fun and play is encouraged on the activity square through a combination of structured and unstructured spaces.

A Park with opportunities for all

The park’s design integrates activities and creates a platform for large public gatherings.

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