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P01-137 Dameisha Seaside Park_Aerial_02_


Shenzhen, China




280 ha


Invited International Urban Design Competition


Assignment completed


Yantian District Construction Engineering Affairs Bureau


Martin Arfalk, Patrick Verhoeven,

Cyril Pavlu, Danny Bridson, Shan Jiang, Francesca Savio, Konstantin Miroshnychenko, Katerina Vondrova

Dameisha Seaside Park

A landscape that protects and invites

Dameisha Seaside Park is one of Shenzhen’s major tourist attractions, and is located on the coast of its eastern ecological and recreational zone. The park has millions of visitors a year, until recently when Typhoon Mangkhut caused extensive damage, closing the park since September 2018. Mandworks was invited by the Yantian District to participate in an international design competition for the redesign of the park.


To combat the sites resiliency challenges we propose a defensive topography that can withstand, resist and recover from, powerful and unpredictable weather events. The landscape engulfs and protects the transportation and beach facilities, and creates protected pockets that are shielded from the force of the wind and storm surges. In between storms, the tropical landscape provides a lush, shaded canopy that lowers the temperature of the public spaces and protects visitors from the hot sun.


After reinforcing the beach against external threats, we believe it is vital to prioritise, exhibit and emphasise the beach’s inherent beauty and character. Our landscape design replaces an exposed and under-utilised green space with a thriving, layered ecosystem that offers visitors a refuge from the beach, strengthening the waterfront with many shops, locker rooms, public bathrooms, and showers that enhance the experience of spending time in the park.


In between the sandy beach and dense canopies we have connected the beach, city, and transportation nodes with a robust social infrastructure that makes the park easy to understand, offers beautiful and accessible facilities and moves people seamlessly in and out of the park.

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P01-137 Dameisha Seaside Park_Diagram Th

1. Resilient Landscape

P01-137 Dameisha Seaside Park_Diagram Th

3. Enhance Natural Beauty

P01-137 Dameisha Seaside Park_Diagram Th

2. Robust Social Infrastructure

P01-137 Dameisha Seaside Park_Diagram Th

4. Spectacular Landmarks

Four Targeted Strategies

In order to tackle the challenges and make the most of the Dameisha Seaside Park we propose four strategies that together form a Resilient, Robust, Beautiful and Spectacular landscape experience!

P01-137 Dameisha Seaside Park_Masterplan

Maximising shorelines

By reclaiming Zhouzi Island and introducing the Dameisha Wave pier we are able to greatly increase the amount of usable shoreline on the beach. The new edges provide a number of new opportunities to interact with the water!

P01-137 Dameisha Seaside Park_Image_11_L

Welcome to the beach

The exit of the new metro station leads you into the grand entrance square, where water elements and shady palms bring the atmosphere of the beach to the public space. The entrance structures form clear way finding landmarks, guiding visitors to the beach.

P01-137 Dameisha Seaside Park_Diagram St

The Park today

Today, the park relies on its magnificent views and beach to attract visitors, but overall considerable space that could be for people is given to parking facilities and roads. And as 2018 demonstrated, the facilities are vulnerable to storm damage.

P01-137 Dameisha Seaside Park_Diagram St

Transforming Surfaces

Highly connected and full with potential, the Seaside Park becomes a canvas. We make use of the displaced soil from the large infrastructural projects to craft a luscious, rolling topography that drapes over the new beach facilities.

P01-137 Dameisha Seaside Park_Diagram St

Transforming Infrastructure

With the construction of the metro station and the burial of Yanmei Road, exciting new opportunities emerge. The beach can now be connected directly to Shenzhen and Dameisha. But what should we do with all that soil?

P01-137 Dameisha Seaside Park_Diagram St

Dameisha Seaside Park

The result is a playful, verdant landscape that both protects and invites!

P01-137 Dameisha Seaside Park_Image_04_L

A landscape that Invites

The rolling topography of our landscape complements, and enhances the natural beauty of the beach. A thick, luscious layer of soil and vegetation results in a comfortable tropical microclimate retreat for beach goers. 

P01-137 Dameisha Seaside Park_Image_05_L

A landscape that protects

Wiped out by Typhoon Mangkhut in 2018, the beach, park and facilities must be designed to withstand the threats of a growing climate threat. Our landscape is designed to shield and protect itself from the strong winds of the bay, allowing for shorter bounce back times after storm events.

P01-137 Dameisha Seaside Park_Diagram La

Integrated Facilities

The bathroom, shopping, and locker facilities are dispersed in clusters throughout the park. The clusters disperse the crowds, and provide naturally cooled and well-protected public amenities.

P01-137 Dameisha Seaside Park_Diagram La

Designing for heat

Given the demanding heat of Shenzhen’s warm months, the topography and planting strategy of the park provides visitors with a passively cooled environment. Openings in the landscape invite the sea breeze to refresh inside the park.

P01-137 Dameisha Seaside Park_Image_06_L

Dameisha Wave Pier

The spectacular wave pier provides Dameisha Seaside Park with an unforgettable landmark. The pier dips in and out of the water as you walk its length, providing a playful way to experience the seaside.

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