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Fisksätra, Stockholm, Sweden


5 ha


Detail Planning Process



Public and authority review (samrådsskede)


Stena Fastigheter AB


Martin Arfalk, Patrick Verhoeven, Sunna Pfeiffer, Francesca Savio, Andrei Deacu, Alessandro Macaluso, Danny Bridson, Kinga Zemla

Fisksätra Entré

Integrating and invigorating a Nacka' suburb


The Fisksätra housing area is a community located on the outskirts of Nacka Municipality, in the Stockholm Archipelago. The community was constructed in the 1970s and is composed of primarily rental units. It features major assets in the form of a local train connection and the Lännersta Sound shoreline, which is a short walk from Fisksätra centre.


Fisksätra Entré is a proposal to revitalise the suburban neighbourhood through the development of a row of parking lots along the neighbourhood’s northern edge. The lots are strategically positioned, sitting adjacent to the Fisksätra train station and surrounding Fisksätra centre, the heart of the community. In total the plan aims to add 400 housing units, an elderly home and a preschool.


The plan takes use of the clear existing structure and suggests to ‘complete’ the existing blocks by defining the street and courtyards. The new volumes introduce a clearer division of public and private space, while providing Fisksätravägen street with a cohesive and active urban front. 


The volumes are shifted in height and mass to maximise visual connections between the existing community and new spaces, as well creating new connections between courtyards and the street network. The proposed blocks carefully walk the line between integration and invigoration. Varied roofscapes, programmed ground floors and broadened palette of facades provide fresh architectural energy, while thoughtful consideration of scale, existing spaces and materiality ensure that the new development feels like a natural and genuine addition.

Densification and activation of the 1970s parking lots

Smart "completion" of the housing blocks with varied heights to allow for views and connection with the newly established street front along Fisksätravägen.

A natural addition 

The existing housing blocks are framed by newly added housing units that clearly define the street and courtyards.

View from  Fisksätravägen

The mix of new typologies with varied roofscape, programmed ground floors and broadened palette of facades create a strong identity of the main street of Fisksätra.

Revitalised suburban neighbourhood

Diverse mix of typologies with facades, varied heights and thoughtful consideration of human scale create a vivid liveable neighbourhood.

Accessible residential courtyards

The green courtyards with residential character bring the new and added housing blocks together.

Activated local centre

Well connected to the public transport, the Fisksätra Centre becomes an important local hub with strong community feeling.

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