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Floda, Sweden


16 ha


Open Architecture Competition 


1st prize


Lerum Municipality


Martin Arfalk, Patrick Verhoeven, Nicholas Bigelow, Gregorio Chierici,

Marlene Thelandersson, Maria Gregorio, Andrei Deacu, Danny Bridson

Floda Masterplan

Respecting ecology and integrating infill along Säveån

The gushing water from Sävelången to Säveån is the power behind Floda. Our masterplan, Down by the River, recognizes the force of the water in Floda and utilizes the potential of future connections to focus Floda’s future on its 3 strongest qualities: water, nature, and Garveriet.  


In our masterplan, the four bridges form the starting point for four new development areas that grow from each of their specific contexts. In each of the areas, the existing characters of the site are strengthened while new additions help weave together Floda’s centre. Proposed settlements are concentrated around the river to support the new connections and bring life to Floda’s waterfront. A variety of building typologies are integrated within the existing fabric to create a mixed-use centre with the required proximity between living, business and service for a vibrant downtown to evolve. 


The proposal’s heart is the blue square.  The blue square is a contextual public space that collects the pedestrian movement flows from the city centre and creates a central place where residents of Floda can come together to enjoy nature and urban life.

Connecting banks of Säveån

2 bridges connect Floda's center and promote activity along the river's banks

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