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Gustavsberg, Sweden

2016 - 

11 ha


Masterplan - Invited competition


Phase 1 Completed - 2016

Phase 2 Ongoing


Municipality of Värmdö


Martin Arfalk, Patrick Verhoeven, Danny Bridson, Andrei Deacu, Betty Laurincova, Francesca Savio


Adept Architects, EkologiGruppen, Tyrens, Kreera


The mountain meets the city

Gustavsberg’s Vattentornsberget (Water Tower Hill) is an 11 Hectare site located on the Eastern edge of Gustavsberg Centre. The complex site is almost entirely composed on a sloping terrain that disrupts the connection between the existing neighbourhood Munkmora at the top, to Centre down below.


The town is split on how to approach developing the site. One side supports an ambitious push forward for the town, utilising new build to reinvent the centre, the other advocates a cautious handling of the surrounding landscape. We decided that both were right and pushed forward a strategy that enthusiastically embraced both ends of the spectrum.


By carefully analysing and categorising the existing slope gradients, access opportunities and forest qualities we were able to place the land on site into one of two categories - Yes! (we should build here) and No! (here should be protected). Together the strategies form a development plan that embraces urban and landscape qualities simultaneously - inviting new ways to experience the town and the nature that surrounds it.

The Water Tower

View from the protected landscape to Gustavsberg’s hilltop landmark

Topographical Linkages

The plan connects the existing Munkmora neighbourhood to the Town centre

Building the plateau

The development meets the city centre with an urban street

Contextual neighbourhood

The plan utilises topography to create the best situations for housing and public space

Path to Munkmora

Existing paths are repurposed for new connections

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