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Haninge, Sweden


725 ha


Development Plan




Haninge municipality


Patrick Verhoeven, Martin Arfalk, Danny Bridson, Linda Bäckstedt, Andrei Deacu, Sunna Pfeiffer

Haninge City

A Visionary Development Plan for a Regional Centre 

The region of Stockholm is expected to grow by 30 000 to 40 000 inhabitants every year for the next ten years. Central Haninge - located 20 kilometres south of Stockholm - is perfectly positioned to take opportunity of this growth to develop into an important regional centre in the South East of the Stockholm Region.


In 2016, Mandaworks - in close collaboration with Haninge municipality - outlined a visionary development plan for ‘Haninge City 2050’. The vision combines local centres, strengthens the existing public realm and infrastructure networks and introduces an authentic regional identity.


The Haninge City vision is structured around three anchoring strategies that express a clear approach to development in Haninge over the next 35 years: 1. Dense + Mixed, 2. Connected + Close and 3. Green + Lively. The three strategies combine to shape a tailored and flexible densification plan for the years to come.


The development plan proposes to utilise the City’s plentiful infill opportunities to reinvent and improve the underlying urban structure. Infill is focused in well connected centres and along major connecting streets, while the rich surrounding landscape is pulled into the urban structure in the form of small and large landscape interventions. The result is a resilient development plan that will guide Central Haninge in its transformation to a vibrant and thriving city.


See Haninge kommun project description here

1. Dense + Mixed

2. Connected + Close

3. Green + Lively

Three Strategies

The strategies outline a clear approach for developing the City in the next 35 years

Dense + Mixed

Development is placed to reinvent and strengthen the existing urban structure

From Road to Street

Infill projects replace on street parking locations to transform streetscapes

Connected + Close

Improved pedestrian and cycling networks meet new spaces to create ’urban closeness’ 

Building Comunities

Smaller scale interventions in residential neighbourhoods maintain character, while adding urban qualities

Defining Edges

Existing ’middle spaces’ are given new meaning and use through stronger and more defined edges

Green + Lively

The local landscape and public space network is strenghtened and combined to benefit both

Maximising Landscape 

The new structure embraces and exposes Haninge’s close relationship with its landscape.

Reinventing a Structure

Local centres Handen, Vega, and Brandbergen are connected via strong urban blocks

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