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Hässleholm, Sweden



10 ha


High Speed Rail Development Vision 



Completed Assignment


City of Hässleholm


Martin Arfalk, Patrick Verhoeven, Andrei Deacu, Maria Gregorio


KREERA Samhällsbyggnad

Hässleholm Train Station

Weaving together Infrastructure Investment and Public Space

Hässleholm, Sweden sits on one of the potential high speed train lines that will connect Sweden’s three biggest cities; Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö. The Swedish government launched a consultation to consider and compare the rail line options. Hässleholm is strategically distanced from Malmö and Gothenburg and offers direct regional connections in five directions. In 2016, Mandaworks in collaboration with KREERA Samhällsbyggnad, were tasked to investigate the potential of a new high speed train station on the town’s centre.


The proposed station is 12 metres high and is divided into three layers. The first floor meets the urban space with shops and cafes and generous entrances to the train platforms. The second floor houses office, conference and commercial space while being linked above and below by public thoroughfares. 


High speed trains will arrive and depart on the top tracks of the building, allowing visitors to Hässleholm to get a view over the town and allow a logical and easy connection flow for transfers. The concept and visualisation of the station advocates for a station that weaves the new infrastructure with the existing public space network logically and gracefully. 

Ground floor commerce

At street level the proposed train station generates a vibrant street life

Consideration for the existing environment 

The proposed train station blends in with the existing city structure

Connect to the existing

The new high speed train station links to the existing bus and regional train lines

Linking infrastructure and public space

The new entrances link and energize the existing public space network

Welcome to Hässleholm

A proposed station square creates a civic space with a strong sense of place

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