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Hemmesta, Värmdö, Sweden




180 ha 


Strategic planning



Assignment completed


Värmdö Kommun


Martin Arfalk, Patrick Verhoeven, Sunna Pfeiffer, Danny Bridson, Giulia di Dio Balsamo


ADEPT Architects

Hemmesta Småhusstad

A small town strategic vision​


Hemmesta is a small town located 25 km east of Stockholm. Like the rest of the region, the town is contemplating the opportunities and limitations of significant growth pressures. The town is located at a regional traffic bottleneck, and has to make a major decision regarding the future of its infrastructure. Mandaworks was asked to develop a strategic vision for the town based on two infrastructural alternatives: upgrade and expand existing roadways or create a new bypass around the town.


The Hemmesta Småhusstad (Small house city) vision is a flexible and responsive toolbox to provide Värmdö municipality with a robust framework to manage future growth. The plan prioritises development that contributes to the existing urban form. This is achieved by improving and increasing the connections in the street network, placing density in central locations and crafting stronger and more defined public and landscape spaces for residents.


The vision recognises that Hemmesta’s valley landscape is a under-utilised resource, and preserves and connects the low lying spaces. The valley weaves in and out of the potential development sites, but remains a constant throughout the scenarios. Protected valley and forest landscape in combination with a sensitive consideration of building density and scale ensures that Hemmesta retains the vital balance between energetic town and thriving landscape.

The structural elements

The valley landscape, street network and potential development sites form the backbone of the vision

Scenario: Parallel boulevard

In this scenario the town utilises a new connecting boulevard to solve traffic concerns while retaining maximum green qualities.

A flexible and robust strategy

The vision for Hemmesta can unfold in a number of way responding to development and population dynamics.

A vision for all

New development in Hemmesta must bring new qualities, but also improve the existing urban form.


Flexible and varied housing typologies introduce much needed variation to the urban structure.

Social clusters in the forest 

By focusing development in strategic locations, strong boundaries protect and enhance the surrounding landscape.

Rethinking roadways

As the town grows, Hemmesta can recreate its relationship with its street network.

Where the neighbours meet

Housing clusters are structured around communal spaces and shared living.

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