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Malmö, Sweden



3600 m2

Public Space



Municipality Malmö, Sweden


Martin Arfalk, Patrick Verhoeven, Nicholas Bigelow, Gregorio Chierici, Max Haluzan, Ola Nielsen, Mike von Tiesenhausen 


Pernilla Theselius, Malmö Municipality

Hermods Plats

An active and green village square

A neighbourhood square grown out of the site’s movement patterns, geological history, and surrounding architectural qualities, Hermods Plats brings a new identity to the village of Klagshamn.  Inspired by the fragmentary nature of the flint stone found in the surrounding landscape, the design connects across the bisecting street to form a unified square that prioritizes pedestrian flow and creates a cohesive design language.  The resulting design creates a series of rooms, called fragments, that tie together the old village structure with the newly developed residential area. 


Responding to their adjacent context, each fragment is defined through a series of curved concrete edges that vary in height and function.  Within the square there are two types of concrete edges: one is a thin line in level with the floor surface that respects the site’s lines of desire and the other is a thicker, elevated wall that supports in situ seating areas, a jeu de boule play area, and elevated vegetation areas. Collectively the differentiated edges organize a selection of floor treatments and softscape materials that bring a strong design identity while also answering to the municipality’s demand for adaptability over time. 

Connecting to the Landscape’s History

The design uses native vegetation and materials to create a sense of place

Connecting Across

The design creates a shared space and improved pedestrian environment

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