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Örebro, Sweden




70 ha




Assignment completed 


Örebro Municipality


Patrick Verhoeven, Martin Arfalk, Nicholas Bigelow, Andrei Deacu, Elin Delmar, Maria Gregorio, Francesca Savio, Chuhan Zhang

Örebro Holmen

A flexible strategy for a live-work neighbourhood 

Örebro Holmen is a 70 hectare industrial estate located one kilometre north of Örebro's city centre. The site is a complex mosaic of plots and stakeholders, with sixty landowners combining to form a diverse district of offices, industries and commercial operations. In 2015 Mandaworks was commissioned by the city of Örebro to investigate how Holmen could be better integrated into the city through the addition of new housing, public amenities and expanded commercial program. The resulting vision outlines a 20 year, multi phase development strategy structured around four scenarios. The scenarios provide a resilient and flexible development strategy by offering policy makers and stakeholders nuanced solutions to important development decisions. By varying the phasing, street network densities, green infrastructures and preserved industrial functions the four options describe alternate paths to a cohesive mixed use neighbourhood.


The overall vision for the Holmen site is focused on the harmonious integration of the existing industrial functions and character with the new development. The mutual benefit of this unification is clear. The new development provides an opportunity to strengthen and clarify a nonexistent public space network, while increased investment encourages the cultivation of a recreational and resilient green-blue infrastructure that links to Örebro’s broader landscape. The preserved functions and structures that are now located in a new urban context, generate a vigorous and wholly unique form of urban life. Maker spaces, small business street frontages, warehouse reuse and small scale industrial and commercial production infuse the neighbourhood with genuine character and root the site in its industrious past.

The Industrial Estate

The 70 hectare development plot is disconnected from its surrounding context in function and form.

Stakeholder Mosaic

Over sixty stakeholders make for a diverse district of offices, industries and commercial operations.

Four flexible development strategies

The four scenarios provide alternate approaches for phasing, street network densities, green infrastructures and preservation of industrial functions.

Planning for change

Green infrastructure and resilient architecture combines to accommodate dramatic changes in water levels around the site’s flood risk zones.

Industrial heritage for the people

The creative reuse of a warehouse results in a flexible public space and program that can house large scale temporary events.

Housing + Working

A redefined street merges new housing and existing industry with rooftop makers spaces and ground floor small business locations.

Landmarks with a story

A cement factory transformed via climbing wall becomes an unforgettable urban landmark opposite the new expo centre.

A neighbourhood with character

The new district merges with the city with a clear entrance framed by a landmark tower and its signature block diversity.

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