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Malmö, Sweden




3.2 ha


invited competition


Assignment completed 


Malmö Municipality


Patrick Verhoeven, Martin Arfalk, Andrei Deacu, Maria Gregorio,

Danny Bridson, Betty Laurincova

Live-Play-Be Hyllie

A family neighbourhood in Southern Malmö


Malmö’s Hyllie district is undergoing a transformation. The neighbourhood today is home to large urban generators like the Emporia shopping mall, Malmö Arena and Malmömässan congress centre. Malmö City is well underway to further develop the neighbourhood, inviting new housing projects, schools and the other necessities of residential life into the neighbourhood. The Live-Play-Be plan site is a vital stepping stone project in this process, linking Hyllie to Southern Malmö.


The plan emerges from a fine grid pattern from which the buildings grow vertically. By allowing features such as parking to be part of this game, different levels arise to provide a mixture of living conditions. The variety of building heights and clear grid structure provide opportunity for both quiet inner areas and larger public spaces. The built structure is shaped by the microclimate, maximising light and minimising wind and noise, and is expressed through a variety of apartment typologies. By combining a clear and legible structure with varied building typologies Live-Play-Be Hyllie balances clarity and richness to cultivate a quiet neighbourhood with a cosy ‘homelike’ atmosphere. A place to live, play and be!


The proposal contains 400 housing units, a preschool and over 5000 metres squared of commercial space. The program is divided into four blocks across the site that are connected via a central network of public space. The parking requirements for the site are integrated into hidden parking garages that sit below two of the block’s courtyards, generating utility space without sacrificing urban qualities.

1. Four sides with four different needs

2. Defining the boulevard and street

3. Cultivating the inner qualities

4. Strong relationship with the existing landscape

5. Integrated parking that is part of the structure

6. Variety of places to live-play-be

Integrated housing, spaces and parking

The plans housing typologies, public space pockets and integrated parking overlap to create maximum comfort and utility.

Typology Variety = People Variety

By planning for a rich mixture of housing typologies the plan can accommodate the needs of different types of people.

One space - multiple uses

The preschool’s outdoor area is open to residents outside of the opening hours, keeping an intense use of the space

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