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Lund, Sweden



170 ha


Landscape and Park plan - Commission


Assignment 1 Completed - 2015


Municipality of Lund


Martin Arfalk, Patrick Verhoeven, Nicholas Bigelow, Danny Bridson, Andrei Deacu, Carlos Dias, Maria Gregorio, Chuhan Zhang

The Knowledge Park

A strategy for a new activity landscape

Lund University and its collaborators are developing a world class science facility in Lund. The new area will feature the European Spallation Source (ESS), Max IV Lab and Science Village. The Knowledge park is a proposal for a new landscape park located in Brunnshög, the main development area for the University expansion.


The proposal uses the areas distinct topography by enhancing and placing five activity islands on the heights of the landscape.  Each park island has a main theme and focus while also unfolding a variety of sub-themes. Like ingredients in a dish, the type and amount has been adapted to each island, so that the landscape, the size of the island, and the location adequately meet the city’s need for recreation. The five island themes are playfulness, experimentation, tranquility, exercise and fantasy.  


Additionally, the design utilises Skåne’s regional landscape and its rich diversity to create strong landscape experiences that bind together the thematic islands and the region’s cultural landscape. The design draws inspiration from the five Skåne landscapes and uses their features to help define and characterise the park.

Experience Skåne

Five distinct Skåne landscapes help define and characterise the park

Complementary Landscapes

The park blends the cultural landscape with the desire for attractions and experimenting, activity and motion

5 islands, 5 themes

The landscape rooms are characterized by: playfulness, experimentation, tranquility, exercise and fantasy

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