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Stockholm, Sweden


2014-2016 - Parallel assignment & Concept Plan Development

2016-present - Detail Plan & Public Space development

15 ha


Masterplan - Invited Competition


Invited Competition 1st Prize  - 2014

WAF Shortlist - 2016

Plan Development Ongoing

Stockholm City

Martin Arfalk, Patrick Verhoeven, Nicholas Bigelow, Danny Bridson, Andrei Deacu, Sevasti Gektidou, Maria Gregorio, Chuhan Zhang

Adept Architects

Royal Neighbour

Masterplan for an industrial harbour front

Kolkajen (The coal quay) is located in Stockholm’s Royal Seaport, one of Europe’s largest development areas. Situated on the site of an obsolete gasworks and steps away from one of Stockholm’s Metro lines, the old industrial harbour offers a unique opportunity to redefine Stockholm’s relationship with its waterfront.


The masterplan is structured around its central public space - the water arena - which extends out from the existing coastline and frames a section of the Lilla Värtan waterway. Strategically placed platforms connect to the quay edge forming sun soaked public balconies that grow out of the urban structure.


The three distinct areas of the plan - Kolkajen’s Balcony, Tjärkajen’s Terraces and the Ropsten Plateau - are tied together with an eclectic mix of spaces that include a canal, linear park, waterfront square, urban boulevard and pier.

Built diversity

Typologies range from 3 storey canal apartments to an 18 storey waterfront high-rise

Waterfront Living

The urban structure embraces and maximises its waterfront location


The row house lined linear park provides an intimate and inviting play space for residents

From Gasworks to shoreline

The water arena provides a compelling termination to the Gasworks cultural axis.  

The Canal

The historic shoreline meets the new island.

Diverse Urban Structure

The strong public space network is supplemented with exciting architecture!

Kolkajen’s Balcony

An entirely new island, the balcony creates a diversity of water spaces

The  Water Arena

The public soak up the sun on Stockholm’s public waterfront balcony

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