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P01-106 Linghem_Image_Aerial_LR.png


Linghem, Sweden




60 ha


Planning Commission


Assignment completed


Linköping's Municipality


Patrick Verhoeven, Martin Arfalk,

Maria Gregorio Puig, Mariada Stamouli,

Cyril Pavlu, Francesca Savio, Emilia Puotinen


Himna, a strong community connected with its landscape

Linköping and its surrounding area is growing rapidly. Himna, a small community only fifteen minutes by train from Linköping’s central station, in the western part of Linghem, adds to the rapid expansion with more than 700 new apartments being planned there. A new bypass is being developed to replace the existing street 757, creating opportunities for further expansion for the area of Linghem and for the development of a sustainable neighbourhood with an ecological and social focus.


The existing road, which has a strong historical value, is the backbone of the new area. The old street meets the new stormwater park that follows existing low points that are the remains of an old ditch. Field islets and other natural elements, containing ancient remains, are left untouched forming a patchwork of nature areas. Meanwhile three new East-West links are developed, creating a variety of parallel landscapes. Thoroughfare for cars is not allowed, while bike and pedestrian routes have optimal connections.


The central loop contains a number of meeting places and smaller squares that are connected to core public spaces in the center of Himna. A new sports hall, school and new daycare centers are connected to this public network. The city structure is divided into smaller units with a mixture of different residential typologies with a higher density in the central parts. The different units change direction following the grid of the existing agricultural landscape.

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P01-106 Linghem_Diagram Story 06_LR.png
P01-106 Linghem_Diagram Story 04_LR.png
P01-106 Linghem_Diagram Story 03_LR.png
P01-106 Linghem_Diagram Story 02_LR.png

New traffic structure

Blue structure: New stormwater park

Two crossing streets that form the new street network

East-west green connections and the pearls of Himna

P01-106 Linghem_Diagram Story 01_LR.png
P01-106 Linghem_Diagram Story 05_LR.png
P01-106 Linghem_Diagram Story 07_LR.png
P01-106 Linghem_Diagram Story 08_LR.png

Linghem center extension to the east

Possible densification of Himnavägen

City structure: Following the scale of Linghem

Public spaces: Activating Himna

P01-106 Linghem_Image_EH_1_LR.png

New stormwater park along the canal

The green backbone that runs through Himna offers spaces for interaction with the water and greenery

P01-106 Linghem_Plan_LR.png

Illustration plan

P01-106 Linghem_Diagram Struktur 01_LR.p
P01-106 Linghem_Diagram Struktur 02_LR.p
P01-106 Linghem_Diagram Struktur 03_LR.p
P01-106 Linghem_Diagram Struktur 04_LR.p

Continuous bike network

Discontinuous car network

Position of schools and play areas

Position of public spaces

P01-106 Linghem_Image_Aerial_LR.png
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