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Malacky, Slovakia



28.6 ha




Assignment completed - 2016


REDE Real estate development


Patrick Verhoeven, Martin Arfalk, Andrei Deacu, Danny Bridson, Betty Laurincova

Between the Pines

Where Karolína met Olša

Malacky can be understood to be a product of two distinct factors, a robust and compact historical urban structure and a beautiful and productive surrounding landscape. Between the Pines channels these two narratives as inspiration for the new proposed district. The plan tells the story of two locals, Karolina and Olša, each character representing the two diverging yet complementary aspects of Malacky’s past and future. 

Karolina, living in Karolina’s Yard a short walk from Malacky’s bustling centre, represents the desire to embrace urbanity and the qualities that it provides. She wishes for a neighbourhood with a strong urban identity that complements and enhances Malacky’s existing structure. The plan’s twisting streets generate a ‘Kaleidoscopic’ block pattern, these blocks of differing colours represent opportunities for a range of densities, functions and typologies. The result is a flexible urban structure that can tolerate change while maintaining a resilient public realm. 

Olša dreams of a neighbourhood that succumbs to the surrounding natural context, allowing the distinct attributes of the rich and diverse ecosystem to be present and enjoyable. The plan proposes to break the existing forest edge by strategically allowing the forest to spill into the area. The newly forested areas are located on the North, West and South edges of the plan, each providing the surrounding homes with close access to the qualities of the Záhorie landscape. 

Urban Kaleidoscope + Broken green edge

The plan is divided into ‘fragments’ tied together by extenstions of the surrounding forest

Combining Malacky’s strengths

The plan is inspired by Malacky’s robust and compact historical urban structure and a beautiful and productive surrounding landscape.

Form with identity

Malacky’s twisting streets,  long, narrow housing plots and generous public spaces informed the structure of the plan.

Malacky's historical identity

The public spaces reinterpret Malacky's historic character to give a familiar feeling to the new places.

Olša’s place

Tall pines and park spaces intersect the neighbourhood, bringing recreational qualities to the resident’s doorsteps.

Karolina’s Yard 

The central square forms a vital spatial landmark that facilitates public life.

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