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Mikkeli, Finland




93 ha


Masterplan - Two stage open competition



3rd Prize


Mikkeli Municipality

Finnish Association of Architects



Martin Arfalk, Patrick Verhoeven, Nicholas Bigelow, Gregorio Chierici, Marlene Thelandersson, Kasia Paradzinska, Manon Otto

Resilient Mikkeli

Masterplan for a self sufficient lakefront


Resilient Mikkeli is a masterplan for a small Finnish town in Eastern Finland. The plan proposes five, self sufficient development zones around Satamalahti Lake. Each of the zones are populated with contextual block structures that integrate the existing city fabric with the surrounding landscape.


Four strategies are combined to form a broad, landscape first approach to Mikkeli’s future. A connected water cycle, a balance of energy use and production, Effective waste management and closed loop local production and consumption. 


The urban blocks of the plan introduce a variety of building typologies, plot sizes and lifestyle options. The architectural variety of the structure is complemented by a public promenade that wraps around the lake and invites residents to explore and experience the local landscape. 

By combining landscape first spatial planning and a comprehensive approach to urban services, the vision is generate a carbon neutral neighbourhood that would make Mikkeli’s lakefront a flagship project for the future of sustainable and self sufficient cities.

Integrated Urbanity

The new development opens up viewlines, merges the landscapes and strengthens existing stormwater management systems.

Closed loops 

The neighbourhoods are designed to reuse, recycle and recreate. The systems work together to reduce demand on a centralised network.

Envelope, Organisation, Context, Environment and Landscape

A family of resilient block types respond to their context in different ways. The blocks are based on Mikkeli’s historic 125x125 m grid. 

City on the Lake

ParkingThe City blocks contain the most intense and mixed program of the Satamalahti development. All blocks consist of a wide mix of program, including apartments, office space, services, restaurants, bars and larger and smaller shops. 

Lakeside Park

The Lakeside Park connects around the Bay. It provides residents with an abundant natural landscape with amenities such as sport facilities, dock and boat access, and community food gardens. 

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