Myyrmäki, Vanta, Finland




3.6 ha


Invited International Urban Design Competition


Honourable mention


Citycon Oyj, SATO Oyj, SRV Yhtiöt Oyj, Taitokaari Oy, and the City of Vantaa


Patrick Verhoeven, Martin Arfalk, Konstantin Miroshnychenko, Alessandro Macaluso, Leslie Norris, Maria Gregorio Puig, Mariada Stamouli, Sara Ellert Ezeldin, Suzete Timba


WSP Finland

I ♥ MY!

Masterplan design for 100,000m² mixed-use development in Vantaa, Finland

Myyrmäki is located in the municipality of Vantaa along the train route from the Helsinki Airport, and serves as one of two major gateways into the city of Helsinki from the North. Myyrmäki has a well-established art scene referencing the street art culture of New York City, giving the area its moniker: Myyr York.


Mandaworks, together with WSP Finland, was invited to take part in an international design competition to propose a conceptual design for the mixed-use development of the site surrounding Myyrmäki Railway Station. The competition sought to enhance the strong identity of the Myyrmäki area and envision its future image while resolving complex multi-level relationships of the site surroundings and the technical challenges of the project.


Myyrmäki appears as the name of a hill in the 17th century. Most likely Myyrmäki is a translation of the original name, which refers to a hill on the edge of a bog that historically existed in the area. This notion of topographical highs and lows became somewhat forgotten with the construction of the Myyrmäki neighbourhood that began in the 1960s. Our design intends to bring the hills and valleys back and transform the central railway area into a vivid and creative high point of Myyrmäki and the city of Vantaa. We Love MyyrYork!

finland helsinki.png

Myyrmäkki connected

The MY High Line

Myyr York High Line

MyyrYork Hills

A Flexible Grid

A Common Ground

The MY Valleys

Myyrmäki Hills and Valleys

The Hills and Valleys of Myyrmäki are designed to provide optimal sun access and minimize noise impact from surrounding busy streets, establishing a distinct image

for the future Myyr York and recreating natural topography diversity of the area.


Myyr York

The project integrates surrounding neighborhoods and transportation infrastructure providing a multitude of accessible public spaces on different levels.

High Line

The High Line becomes the new public spine connecting train platforms with the surrounding areas and establishing creative and commercial center of the Myyrmäki area.

High Line

Central Park

DUMBO (Down Under Myyrmäki Berm Overpass)

Terminal Square

Upper West Side

Lower East Side

Communal space

Open spaces - shared surface streets, squares and courtyards - are interconnected and linked together by the High Line, with Art Zones established at the points of accessible interfaces between different levels, contributing to the sense of community in Myyrmäki

Structural Modules and

Social Circulation Spaces

Project Divisibility and

Financing Methods


Facades and Roof Scapes


Three different structural modules are utilized to achieve diverse housing typologies, both in terms of building and apartment type. Circulation spaces are used for diverse communal amenities and provide access to natural daylight either through vertical voids or facade exposure.

Myyr York Cityscape

The project has a distinct and recognizable character, establishing a new urban center of gravity for the area. Its layered structure with integrated green spaces adds depth and complexity to the project, recalling the lost natural topography of Myyrmäki.

Northern gateway

By placing the two tallest 24- and 16-storey towers in the northernmost part of the site, the project establishes a clear gateway to Helsinki celebrating the site’s location along one of the two railroad lines connecting Helsinki Airport with the city centre

Parking and service

Parking is evenly distributed within two-level structures under the courtyards, helping to mediate the level difference between the High Line and surroundings, and placed outside of the buildings’ structural frameworks. Space under the High Line is utillized for service and loading with easy access to retail and commercial spaces directly above.

Myyrmäki station

Myyrmäki station platforms are seamlessly integrated with the High Line structure, offering direct access to commercial spaces and housing entrances from the High Line.

Future of Myyr York

Myyr York design opens up opportunities for further integration of planned developments with the existing neighbourhoods, offers diverse and accessible public space, and creates seamless connections with Myyrmäki’s train and bus terminals, the future tram line, the Vantaa Art Museum, and Tokmanni Vantaa Isomyyri shopping centre.