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P01-119 Oktyabrsky Island Aerial 01_LQ.jpg


Kaliningrad, Russia




388,2 ha


Closed International Competition for Master Plan Development




Strelka KB


Patrick Verhoeven, Martin Arfalk, Konstantin Miroshnychenko,
Francesca Savio, Alessandro Macaluso, Maria Gregorio, Cyril Pavlu

Urban and ecological masterplan for the development and preservation of October Island in Kaliningrad, Russia.

October Island

Oktyabrsky Island is located in the central Kaliningrad, yet has been almost completely spared of any construction throughout its history due to its marshlands and soil conditions. As a result, important ecosystems have been preserved in the very center of the city, with unique natural landscapes. Large-scale development of the island has begun with the construction of the World Cup 2018 stadium and surrounding infrastructure, and entire island is now designated for construction of new neighborhoods.

Mandaworks proposed a masterplan vision for the construction of 4,100,000m2 mixed-use development with preservation of existing habitats and ecosystems as a driving force. The two parts of the island are treated in a ‘mirrored’ way: dense urban edges integrated in the city structure with soft Grand Canal core for Site A, and continuous ecopark and water lagoons along the perimeter and integrated resilient development in the center of Site B.

P01-119 Oktyabrsky Island Drawing Plan 01_LQ.png

October Island Masterplan

Connected green structure, maximized waterfront, central connecting spine and integrated urban structure are key principles of the masterplan.

P01-119 Oktyabrsky Island Diagram 15a_LQ.png

Connected green structure

The Green Belt is restored by completing the missing link adross the island, where stadium park plays a vital role.

P01-119 Oktyabrsky Island Diagram 15b_LQ.png

Maximized waterfront 

Waterfront condition is maximized throughout the site by introducing a sequence of urban canals for Site A, and variety of water inlets and lagoons for the eco-park of Site B.

P01-119 Oktyabrsky Island Diagram 15c_LQ.png

Site A and B

East and West parts of the island have a ‘mirrored’ approach to development.

of major social nodes.

P01-119 Oktyabrsky Island Diagram 15d.png

Urban structure integrated with context

The block typologies, dimensions, and densities are following the principle of the surroundings, ranging from high in the center to low towards the periphery.

P01-119 Oktyabrsky Island Diagram 19b_LQ.png

Site A: Social and cultural diversity

Canals network serves as a framework for distribution of major social nodes.

P01-119 Oktyabrsky Island Diagram 20b_LQ.png

Site B: Ecological and biodiversity

The green island is of great significance for the conservation of rare and vulnerable species and biological diversity.

P01-119 Oktyabrsky Island Eye Height 01 UPDATED KZ.jpg

Grand Canal

The Grand Canal and it’s direct surroundings will add a strong new social space within the city of Kaliningrad.

P01-119 Oktyabrsky Island Aerial 05 KZ update.jpg

Site A: Western Island

A meeting of the city’s main cultural, recreational and sports facilities, where the experience of being on an island is perceived throughout the entire area.

P01-119 Oktyabrsky Island Aerial 04 KZ update.jpg

Site B: Eastern Island

The existing marshlands form the foundation of the blue-green eco-park that surround the residential neighbourhoods.

P01-119 Oktyabrsky Island Eye Height 02 UPDATED KZ.jpg
P01-119 Oktyabrsky Island Aerial 01_LQ.jpg
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