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Örebro, Sweden


14 ha


Masterplan - Commission


Plan Development Ongoing


City of Örebro


Patrick Verhoeven, Martin Arfalk, Nicholas Bigelow, Danny Bridson, 

Andrei Deacu, Maria Gregorio, Delia Moldoveanu, Chuhan Zhang

Örebro Österport

Three Scenarios Lead to an Emerging Neighbourhood 

In consultation with the city and the site’s stakeholders, Mandaworks lead a planning process that developed three alternative growth scenarios for Österport. The three investigated scenarios for developing this area were based on alternative public spaces strategies and included accounting for the demands of an existing heating plant through refined phasing plans. The first scenario was configured around a central park and square, the second was based on a network of public spaces and in the third scenario a long stretched park formed the base of development. All scenarios showed an integrated approach to public space, the development of around 1750 new dwellings, and had individual cost-benefit analyses performed.


Following the development of the three scenarios, Mandaworks developed an urban plan focused on scenario 3 and its long stretched park. This proposal utilises the linear park to create qualitative living environments, integrated recreational activities, and strengthen the local pedestrian connections.  The result is a vibrant extension of the city centre that will contain a rich and dense mix of housing, student living, shops, offices, sports areas and daycare facilities. 

Scenario 1: Linear park

A central, linear park connects and activates the neighbourhood 

Scenario 2: Network of public spaces

Pockets of public space and a transformed boulevard create urban life 

Scenario 3: Central park + square

A central park and square structure infill development 

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