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Oskarshamn, Sweden


8.4 ha


Masterplan - Commission 


Plan Development Ongoing


City of Oskarshamn


Martin Arfalk, Patrick Verhoeven,

Nicholas Bigelow, Maria Gregorio


Adept Architects

Kv. Laxen Revitalization

Transforming a Post Industrial Waterfront

After the completion the Döderhultsviken masterplan assignment in Oskarshamn, Mandaworks and team were commissioned to study and develop a masterplan for the coastal industrial area - Kvarter Laxen. The project is one of the first key steps in transforming Oskarshamn’s harbour from industrial port, to urban bay.


Central to the commission was the development of a new park and the adjacent urban structure based on principles established in the Döderhultsviken masterplan. The resulting plan integrates the site’s industrial heritage, generates 40,000 square meters of mixed-use development, and proposes a central park with the capacity to host the city’s summer festival, Latitud 57.


The urban structure has three types of public spaces: streets, neighbourhood squares, and the waterfront park. The peak of public life occurs at the new waterfront park. Here, activity spaces are mixed within a vegetative framework to create a vibrant new park for the city of Oskarshamn. The park collects flows of pedestrian movement and is framed by buildings that step out around the park to maximize views to the water.

A varied and mixed neighbourhood

The site’s industrial heritage and a variety of new programs are integrated together

A Waterfront Facade

The Kv. Laxen development invites the bay back into urban life

The Waterfront Park

The generous waterfront park ties together the new development, the surrounding city and the water

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