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Oskarshamn, Sweden


35 ha


Masterplan - parallel assignment


Completed - 2013


City of Oskarshamn


Martin Arfalk, Patrick Verhoeven,

Nicholas Bigelow, Andrei Deacu, Maria Gregorio, Carlos Dias


Adept Architects,  WSP


A 50 Year Vision for Transforming Oskarshamn's Inner Harbour 

Over the past 100 years the natural bay of Döderhultsviken has been transformed by the city’s harbour activities. The modernised and growing port industry has need for more land and deeper harbours, and is gradually shifting operations from the inner harbour to new quays outside of the city centre. The shift offers a generational opportunity for the City to take back its waterfront.


The Döderhultsviken masterplan reintroduces the natural bay’s historic coastline to Oskarshamn’s urban structure. The coastline becomes a central organising element in the public space network, opening up a movement loop around the entirety of the bay. The urban structure is held together by a collection of bayside public spaces such as Bohman’s waterfront park, Brädhomen Square and the Beach. Each space takes advantage of its waterside location to generate high spatial qualities while cultivating a new vision for Oskarshman’s urban identity. 


With resurrection of Oskarshamn’s natural shoreline, the masterplan outlines an ambitious vision to celebrate the qualities of Oskarshamn’s past while revealing extraordinary possibilities for its future. 

Bohman’s park + Bradholmen’s beach

New developments around the harbour are tied together by a diverse waterfront promenade.  

One waterfront of diversity

A variety of public spaces are linked together to create a connected waterfront

The city beach

A new beach at Bradholmen brings people down to the Bay of Döderhultsviken

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