Julianadorp, Den Helder, The Netherlands




1000 ha


Invited​ concept vision and masterplan competition


Competition 1st prize; ongoing commission


Gemeente Den Helder, Woningstichting Den Helder, ‘s Heeren Loo Julianadorp, Stichting ONS


Patrick Verhoeven, Martin Arfalk, Konstantin Miroshnychenko, Andrei Deacu, Shan Jiang, Emeline Lex, Alessandro Macaluso, Leslie Norris



Strategic vision for the adaptation of agricultural village to the challenges of the future.

Panorama Julianadorp

Julianadorp is an independent village within the municipality of Den Helder, characterised by the great proximity to the sea and the dunes, and located at the heart of one of the largest bulb production landscapes in the Netherlands. As a consequence of the ‘cauliflower’ planning approach realized during the 1970s-1990s, urban fabric became a collection of segregated and introverted mini-districts, creating large unused areas in-between and contributing to the isolated and unsafe slow traffic routes, poor public transport and high car ownership with the ever-growing parking pressure.


We proposed a strategy inspired by the Japanese Kintsukuroi technique - the art of repairing broken ceramics with gold lacquer rooted in the belief that the traces of breakage and repair contribute to the beauty of an object - to reveal the full potential of Julianadorp’s outstanding green and blue structures and boost social and ecological qualities of the area.


Through a rigorous analysis and dialogue with the involved stakeholders, we identified seven thematic layers that, similarly to the golden seams of Kintsukuroi, establish a framework for the ’repair’ of Julianadorp on various scales: Water, Recreation, Nature, Sport, Energy, Mobility and Development.


The water layer is concerning the creation of connected and integrated water storage and distribution system of Julianadorp and the Koegraspolder, increasing fresh water level to secure the future for sustainable agriculture industry and to remedy the pressure of the rising sea-level. By revising the left-over areas created by the ’cauliflower’ districts and converting them into new public space, we implement the local ONS Park initiative (standing for Recreation, Nature and Sport) offering new qualities for residents, seasonal visitors and tourists. We further propose integrated solutions for Energy, Mobility and Development, including solar energy generation, consolidated mobility hubs, and new development opportunities enhancing existing qualities and introducing new public gathering places, converting present-day fragmented districts into an integrated and sustainable future village of Julianadorp.



The traces of breakage and repair contribute to the beauty of the design


The Golden Cracks of Julianadorp

Kintsukuroi vision for Julianadorp


Existing site conditions

Short-term masterplan


Long-term masterplan

Long-term vision for Julianadorp with indication of the 4 zoom areas.

Zoom 1: Center and agriculture - short-term vision

Short-term vision focuses on the connections of Historic Center to the water and sport grounds.

Zoom 1: Center and agriculture - long-term vision

Long-term vision focuses on ecological waterfront development and advancement of agriculture.

Zoom 2: 'Groene Slenk' ecosystem - short-term vision

Short-term vision for integration of the ‘Groene Slenk’ natural water preserve to Julianadorp park and ecosystems.

Zoom 2: 'Groene Slenk' ecosystem - long-term vision

Long-term vision for transformation of the Shopping Center area into integrated sustainable development.

Zoom 3: Dunes landscape - short-term vision

Short-term vision for reconnecting Julianadorp to the dunes and the sea.

Zoom 3: Dunes landscape - long-term vision

Long-term vision for transformation of the Shopping Center area into integrated sustainable development.


Zoom 4: 'Noorderhaven' area - short-term vision

Short-term vision is centered around enhancement of agriculture and integration of ‘Noorderhaven’ grounds.

Zoom 4: ‘Noorderhaven’ area - long-term vision

Long-term vision of large scale residential development with integrated green, blue, agriculture, sports and festival areas.

Short-term vision

Long-term vision