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Mölndal, Sweden


13 ha


Masterplan Invited Competition


Assignment completed - 2016


City of Mölndal, Aspelin Ramm

Martin Arfalk, Patrick Verhoeven, Andrei Deacu, Maria Gregorio, Danny Bridson  

Adept Architects

Pedagogen Park

Revitalising an underused industrial estate

Pedagogen Park is a masterplan to densify an under-utilised industrial estate located on the periphery of the city of Mölndal. The conceptual approach of the plan introduces new public life by cutting through the linear site with six public passageways - or ‘gatts’ in the Gothenburg dialect of Swedish. The gatts form a sequence of connected and organised spaces that link the new development to the landscape and surrounding urban context.


The Gatts act as the spatial anchors of the masterplan and public space network. The sequence contributes clear contextual connections and establishes lively building frontages through plentiful entrances and public space focus. The passageways are complemented in strategic locations with larger and more flexible public squares that introduce spatial hierarchy into the new structure.


Each passageway is contrasted by a dense urban block structure along the sides and edges. The six large plots that compose the development are sized to provide maximum flexibility in their division and structure. 

Six passage experiences

The public space divisions introduce a rich spatial hierarchy

Square on the street

Larger public spaces carved out in the fabric signify public functions and life

Clear contextual connections

The six passageways link landscapes and neighbourhoods


The activity passageway features playgrounds, basketball courts and an intimate scale

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