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1st Prize for Uppsala Business Park!

We are happy to announce that we have been named the winners in the invited competition to masterplan the expansion of Uppsala Business Park, in Uppsala, Sweden.

Our masterplan is organized around a central innovation spine that provides interior and exterior space that facilitates the four stages of company growth: seed, incubation, growth, and expansion. Located in a low-lying and flood-prone area, a generous green loop serves the multipurpose role of opening up the park to the public, inviting lush greenery, and handling stormwater runoff. The structure is planned around six ‘superblocks’ that allow the business park to develop with maximum flexibility while maintaining a clear spatial vision.

UBP is one of Uppsala’s key life science clusters, housing the offices of large multinationals, as well as emerging start-ups. The masterplan will form an important part of Uppsala's southern expansion adding new laboratories, offices, industrial facilities, schools, shopping, and long-stay research housing. We look forward to developing the masterplan in close collaboration with Klövern AB and the Uppsala kommun in the coming year!

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