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2nd prize in Akureyri, Iceland

The competition for a new public harbourfront space in Iceland's 'Capital of the North', organised by Hafnarsamlag Norðurlands bs, the City of Akureyri, and Arkitektafélag Íslands, set out to explore the potential of a 1-hectare piece of waterfront that has opened up due to the planned expansion of the port facilities at the city centre.

In response to the brief, we proposed a public harbour village. The plan is grounded in the principles of a pleasant microclimate and flexible spaces that invite new life into the harbour. The structures provide shelter and give identity to the harbour, offering residents and visitors spaces for offices, shopping, restaurants, exhibitions, and bathing. The form, scale and materials of the structures reintroduce the village scale to the Akureyri waterfront, forming the new face of the city from the Eyjafjörður.

Congratulations to Arkþing for taking home the 1st prize!

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