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2x Pre-qualified

We have pre-qualified for two exciting invited competitions in the Czech Republic and Russia!

In the Czech Republic, we are 1 of 6 teams that will study Lake Milada. Previously the Chabařovice quarry, the area has been under intensive reclamation since 2015, with over 870 hectares of post-industrial land converted into a revitalized lake landscape. The competition aims to outline a visionary strategy and design to elevate Lake Milada as a regional asset and public landmark.

In Saratov, Russia, we are teamed up with our friends Karres en Brands and Kosmos Architects to create a comprehensive vision of the city’s recently decommissioned airport site and four surrounding parks. The five sites equal 688 hectares of land adjacent to Saratov’s urban core and represent a cross-section of the city’s history and landscape character. The competition is a fantastic opportunity to redefine Saratov’s relationship with its river, hillsides, and ravine systems. We are up against 4 other design teams, selected from a pool of 67.

We and grateful and excited to be involved in both, and look forward to sharing more when we can!

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