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Berlin, Hamburg & Bremerhaven: MW in Germany x3!

We have been invited to take part in a participation-driven competition to develop Berlin's Ulap Quarter, a prominent area located next to the Central Station and the Bundestag complex. Together with our teammates Form Follows You GmbH and BJP | Bläser Jansen Partner we are participating in a series of design workshops that will result in a formal proposal at the end of August. Finally, three teams will be selected to move on to the second stage.

In Hamburg, in a team with ADEPT and Buro Happold, we recently submitted our vision for the extension of Hamburg Central Station. 30 teams were invited to compete to find innovative solutions for reshaping the complex transport hub. The ambition is to create a multicultural urban area that combines high-quality public spaces and active sustainable infrastructure.

In Bremerhaven we envision the future of the transforming harbour through a creative image-making process to demonstrate the potential qualities of a new housing district, bringing vibrancy and specificity to its public spaces and living environments.

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