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Design process continues in Julianadorp

After our competition win last year, work in the village of Julianadorp is picking up steam. Alongside our teammates FABRICations, we have begun the exciting and collaborative process of supervising the masterplan in close cooperation with national and local agencies. We will kick start the process by designing concrete visions for the pilot sites and planning further initiatives to be implemented in the coming years.

Julianadorp is located in the Den Helder municipality, the Netherlands. In 2020 we were awarded first prize in an invited competition to develop the vision and masterplan refocus development in the village to address its most pressing urban, environmental, and social challenges.

Our proposal addresses irregularities of the existing urban fabric that consists of introverted and segregated areas with large unused in-between spaces, poorly connected and highly car-oriented. To mend these disrupted structures, we developed the strategy inspired by Japanese technique of Kintsukuroi - the art of repairing broken ceramics with gold lacquer rooted in the belief that traces of breakage and repair contribute to the beauty of an object.

Learn more about the project here.

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