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Jan Adolph representing Stockholm’s Planning Department in Gasverket Östra

As the Northern Royal Seaport development fills in towards the Kolkajen shoreline, a lot of exciting progress is happening around the district. A key piece, Gasverket Östra, which will form a cultural and service hub for the area is currently being prepared for redevelopment. Since the summer of 2020, Mandaworks' Jan Adolph has been sharing his knowledge, experience, and expertise with Stockholm's Planning Department and representing the City as an expert consultant during the process.

Gasverket is a foundational piece of the central connection in our Kolkajen masterplan, the axis that is continued out into the water to create the water arena, the masterplans most important public space. Particularly sensitive due to its historical heritage, the site’s qualities must be both preserved and enhanced to maximise its contributions to the new district. When complete the area will host 300 apartments and more than 30,000 square meters for office and service functions.

While the detail plan for the area is being refined, and negotiations continue with both public and private actors, construction work has started on site with reshaping local topography conditions and securing existing buildings. We are proud to support the process, consulting on public spaces and urban landscapes that will bind the new functional program together!

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