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KB+MW+KOSMOS selected finalists in Saratov

Team Karres En Brands, Mandaworks, Kosmos are one of two selected winners for the 688ha planning competition on the banks of the Volga River. With the proposal “Weaving Saratov” we put forth a sensitive approach to complex urban regeneration and reconnected Saratov to both its natural landscape as well as its cultural heritage.

The vision extends across five key sites including a new 240 ha district on the grounds of the former airport Saratov-Central, a 275 ha ecological park at Ostrov Zeleny (Green Island), Park Pobedy (Victory Park), Glebuchev Ovrag (Glebuchev Ravine), and Pokrovskie Peski Island. These sites bring together Saratov’s varied urban and ecological contexts, on the banks of the Volga river.

An intensive selection process narrowed down applications from 67 teams to 5 shortlisted and ultimately 2 selected finalists. The two winning proposals will be up for public voting, giving the inhabitants of Saratov the final say in which ideas get implemented in their city.

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