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Knowledge Park published in Arkitekten

We are happy to see that our project Knowledge Park has been published in Swedish Architect’s magazine Arkitekten this month. The 170-hectare vision was developed in collaboration with the Municipality of Lund in 2015 and is under gradual development and implementation by City staff. The park is considered one of Lund’s ‘Big Five’ - five large parks that will be developed in the City over the coming years.

The park is located in Brunnshög - Lund University’s main expansion area - containing many of the University’s new laboratory and knowledge clusters such as the European Spallation Source (ESS), Max IV Lab, and Science Village. Our proposal creates five activity islands to organize the program and functions of the expansive landscape, each rooted in the character and qualities of Skåne’s diverse topography, flora, and fauna. We look forward to its further implementation!

To learn more about the Knowledge Park project click here.

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