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Kungens Kurva development plan goes out for public consultation!

If you live in Stockholm there is a good chance you have visited Kungens Kurva. Over 30 million people a year travel to the regional retail hub located 15 kilometres outside of Stockholm's centre. Named after a famous car accident involving the Swedish King, and constructed in the 1960's as the pinnacle of the auto-centric shopping experience, the area has a long history with the automobile.

We are proud to share our work that aims to disrupt that history and inject a new burst of urban life into the district. Together with our collaborators PE Teknik & Arkitektur and the Municipality of Huddinge, we have been working on a development plan for Kungens Kurva that will guide the transformation of the area into a new mixed-use urban district, organized around four essential themes of good city building.

The plan has now been released for public consultation, and we look forward to developing it further with renewed input!

Find more about the project here.

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