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Malmö's Lorensborg and Bellevuegården to be densified in the future

The densification of existing neighbourhoods is one of the most resource-efficient ways for cities to achieve their social, environmental, and spatial goals. Mandaworks had the pleasure of collaborating with the City of Malmö in their ongoing work to densify the areas of Lorensborg and Bellevuegården in Malmö's west inner city. Malmö aims to build 1200 new apartments in the area and at the same time strategically reprioritise traffic flows, improve access to public transit and inject some much-needed variation into the area's housing stock. As urban residents, our daily lives are shaped dramatically by the way we move. The work being done in Lorensborg and Bellevuegården brings the areas closer together with their neighbours, creates a more inclusive and open city, and strengthens Malmö's character and mobility network as a whole. You can read more about Malmö's ongoing work here (in Swedish).

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