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Mandaworks and Kod Arkitekter selected to shape the structural plan for Örbyleden

Stockholm is growing at a rapid rate. The need to accommodate new housing, commercial floor space, and public spaces creates an opportunity to strengthen and redefine the urban fabric of the city. The Örbyleden project is a clear example of such an opportunity. Since the 1970s, Örbyleden has served as a major transportation link in the southwest of Stockholm, acting as a main route for vehicular traffic through the area. Now the chance has come to challenge its role and character, and unlock its potential as an urban catalyst and link between the Stureby and Bandhagen Districts.

Mandaworks, together with our collaborators KOD Arkitekter, has been selected to drive forward a structural plan for Örbyleden. Our team has been tasked with laying the groundwork for the creation of a coherent and high-quality urban environment that will transform the area, with edges that will unify the neighbouring districts.

We will work closely together with the City of Stockholm's planning and development departments through an intensive collaborative process. The work will include study visits, workshops, and hands-on design meetings to develop a clear and implementable vision that tackles the big challenges on-site, including how to connect and complement the existing neighbourhoods, boost the local ecosystem, and facilitate a safe and humane transformation of the motorway.

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