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Mandaworks back to school

September means that schools around the world are (digitally) starting up again. This year we are involved in courses and studios in Stockholm and Toronto. We have just kicked off our first course at Stockholm’s KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sustainable Planning and Design. The theme of this year's project work is Stockholm Inner City 2050, where we will imagine together how Stockholm’s city centre will evolve under the growing pressures of development and climate change. The course is a part of the SUPD program which invites an interdisciplinary group of students to investigate what does design for a sustainable future look like? This year we are also collaborating with students at Ryerson’s School of Urban and Regional planning in Toronto. A group from Advanced Planning Studio we will explore Stockholm’s ‘Uncomfortable Urbanism’ or how the city is growing into its complex, challenging, but highly rewarding project sites. Students will work with us to create an analysis and proposal for the Södertäljevägen infrastructural corridor in Stockholm.

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