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Mandaworks + Brusnika

Located 2000 kilometres East of Moscow in the vast Russian territory of Siberia, is the City of Tyumen. Built on the banks of the River Tura, Tyumen is one of the most important industrial and economic centres east of the Ural mountains. Right now, Tyumen is working hard to modify its identity. It's long been known as the economic hub and seat of power of Russia’s substantial oil and gas industry, but now it is seeking to strengthen its position as one of Russia's most comfortable, livable, and modern cities.

We are busy working together with Russian developers Brusnika Design and Engineering to help Tyumen achieve this goal. In close collaboration, we are crafting a masterplan along the banks of River Tura that prioritizes public space, optimizes microclimate, celebrates the landscape, and provides diverse and affordable living for the people of Tyumen.

The plan and process is currently underway, and we look forward to the time where we can share the fruits of collaboration!

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