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Mandaworks one of three teams selected in Jägersro, Malmö

(photo: Hannes Hedman)

We are thrilled to be one of three teams commissioned to create a proposal for the development of 'Project Jägersro' in Malmö. Today the 41-hectare site is home to the Jägersro Racetrack. The owners of the land, SMT Malmö Exploatering, are planning to decommission the racecourse facility by 2023, and have invited Mandaworks, Fojab, and Kanozi to imagine its future through an invited parallel competition.

According to Ulrika Lindmark, CEO of SMT, Jägersro has the goal of becoming Öresund Region's most sustainable district. Providing a new neighbourhood targeted at those who value life between large-scale landscape and the urban vibrancy of city life.

We look forward to the challenge alongside our teammates Trivector Traffic and Starkstad!

You can read the full press release here.

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