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MW discusses urban design for life science innovation at Uppsala Business Park's digital conference

An exciting kickoff for our continued work in Uppsala Business Park! Our client and collaborator Klövern organized a digital conference to present the next steps in the development of the district. Mandawork's Patrick Verhoeven joined the event where the new brand identity of the park was unveiled, and the masterplan and its vision were presented.

Patrick discussed our strategic vision, and its goal to create a spatial framework that facilitates the exchange of knowledge and ideas. The Business Park’s new urban structure will introduce a range of spaces (inside and outside) that support the evolutionary phases of a company's development. The flexible and adaptable structure is designed to accommodate the growth and expansion of the Business Park tenants, from startups to life science giants.

Together with Klövern and the Municipality of Uppsala, we are forging ahead with developing the detail plan for this new life science hub. The cluster is not only an important step in the development of Uppsala's southern expansion but also for the Stockholm regions flourishing life science corridor that includes research centers, universities, and hospitals spanning from Uppsala to Södertälje.

Click here to watch the conference online.

Read more about the project here.

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