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MW explores Xiakewan Science City in Jiangyin

We are excited to be selected for the new strategic planning and conceptual urban design competition in Jiangyin City, within Shanghai metropolitan area. Mandaworks collaborating with UPDIS was chosen as one of five teams out of 48 candidate offices worldwide. The competition aims to create a vibrant, science and industry oriented district that will cause Jiangyin City to form its future strategic position in a broader relation to the Yangtze River Delta's significant developments, including Taihu Science and Technology Innovation Belt.

The goal for Xiakewan Science City is to become a high ecological, intelligent and interconnected environment by integrating valuable resources of Jiangyin and Wuxi, enhancing regional cultural heritage, and strengthening infrastructure.

Xiakewan Science City covers more than 80 square kilometers, including the towns of Qingyang and Mazhen, and protected ecological lake and wetland landscapes.

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