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MW nominated for Swedish Architects’ Västmanland's architectural prize!

We are very pleased to announce that together with Tovatt Architects & Planners we are nominated for Västmanland’s architectural prize for the development plan of Sätra in Västerås! The jury appreciated our proposal for the northern extension of the city, recognising it as an ambitious and progressive step towards a sustainable urban future.

The project’s goal is to reflect upon and redefine suburbia to overcome the lack of traditional ‘city making’ ingredients on site, such as density or commerce. The collaborative proposal reimagines the planned development by combining and strengthening the site’s foundational resilient opportunities and qualities. Colourful Sätra amplifies the existing character of the peripheral elements to generate a rich spatial intensity that will give new energy to the suburban context.

You can read more about the project here

For jury’s motivation check Sveriges Arkitekter website.

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