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Winners in Chengdu!

We are delighted to finally be able to share the news that Mandaworks and teammates CCDA/VRAP have been selected as the winners of the Ye Family Linpan site in Chengdu, China!

In March we were one of nine teams invited to participate in the Chengdu Featured town competition which had the goal of developing proposals for the design of Chengdu’s featured towns and the conservation and restoration of Linpan Rural Residences in the Sichuan province. The competition included a broad range of development and restoration sites around China’s fourth-largest city, providing us the opportunity to explore the qualities and potentials of Chengdu's impressive rural locations. We were invited to create proposals for five sites, each with its own unique identity and response to the local landscape!

We look forward to developing our competition proposal further together with the organizers and our collaborators in China!

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