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MW signs contract for further development of Lake Milada, Czech Republic

Mandaworks is pleased to announce the successful signing of a contract with our clients, DIAMO, s. p. - o. z. PKÚ in the Czech Republic for further development of the winning proposal for Lake Milada. The scope of contract includes the following: further development of the conceptual masterplan with close stakeholder and client collaboration; a design manual for the area; design and documentation for construction; advisory services for the development of the area until 2030.

The project has its roots in Mandaworks winning entry “Living Landscape” from an international competition launched in 2020. In an effort to support the reclamation process and provide a guiding landscape vision, the project goal is to imagine how the surrounding 10 km² of former industrial land could be developed, improved and enhanced for the benefit of the surrounding communities and visitors.

“Living Landscape” is organized around three core principles: living nature, living destination, and a living future. The strategies present a clear pathway to reclaim, strengthen, and celebrate the existing landscape while developing novel and exciting ways to experience the Lake, and surrounding area. Read more about the project on our website.

We are pleased to develop the “Living Landscape“ with our collaborators: Jan Richtr, Kateřina Lagner Zímová, Linda Kovářová, Květoslav Syrový, Kristof Hanzlik and Martina Hutárová.

Article translation: Swedes take part in the future changes of Lake Milada. “We look forward to swim in the lake”

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