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MW+UPDIS awarded 1st Prize for Xiakewan Science City

Exciting news from the Jiangsu Province - our proposal for Jiangyin Xiakewan Science City has been awarded 1st Prize in the International Competition for Strategic Planning and Conceptual Urban Design organized by the Urban Planning Society of China!

Joining forces with our colleagues from UPDIS, our team developed a comprehensive masterplan vision for the massive 8000-hectare site. The vision is established on the principles of our teams 'resilient framework'. An approach to large scale urban development that is grounded in three essential layers of progressive urban development: The blue, green and experience networks.

Located south of the Yangtze River, and on the banks of Tai Lake, Xiakewan Science City is positioned at a critical intersection of urban and ecological development. The new Science City will be deeply integrated with its local natural environment, protecting, enhancing, and maximising the health of the existing ecosystems in which the new city will be constructed.

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