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Mandaworks welcomes three Associate Partners

We are celebrating the announcement of three new Associate Partners to the Mandaworks leadership. Sunna Pfeiffer, Manon Otto, and Danny Bridson have played a big part in Mandaworks growth across our diverse range of markets and will now move into new roles in the organization. We are happy to have their support to maintain our commitment to high-quality projects, fruitful collaborations, and strong client relationships. Join us in welcoming them!

Over the last 10 years, Mandaworks has steadily grown through our project work across the fields of urban planning & design, landscape architecture, and architecture gaining recognition at home in Sweden, and internationally. Armed with energy, enthusiasm, and deepened responsibility, the Associate Partners will help Mandaworks to strengthen our position and tackle a growing number of exciting, complex, and high-profile design assignments around the world.

Sunna Pfeiffer

Sunna Pfeiffer has a masters degree in Landscape architecture from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU, and has since 2009 worked in the fields of landscape architecture and planning with experience from both private and public sectors. In 2016, she joined the Mandaworks team, where she contributes with her experience as a project leader in landscape architecture and urban planning projects.

Manon Otto

Manon holds a masters in Environmental Sciences from University of Quebec in Montreal and a masters in Sustainable Urban Design from Lund University.  She started her career at SLA Copenhagen where she partook in several multidisciplinary projects at the intersection of architecture, landscape architecture and urban design.  In 2014, Manon joined BIG New York and directed BIG’s landscape department until 2019.  She joined Mandaworks in 2019 to head the development of their North American branch from Montreal.

Danny Bridson

Danny studied at Toronto’s Ryerson School of Urban and Regional Planning and Lund University’s School of Architecture before joining Mandaworks in 2014. Over his seven years with Mandaworks Danny has served in a number of positions and roles with the studio, most recently leading masterplanning and public space projects across Europe, North America, and Asia. 

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