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Tallstråket and Södra Ulleråker to be further developed

Our planning work in Ulleråker has hit an important milestone! Uppsala's plan and building committee have decided to grant planning assignments for the areas of Tallstråket and Södra Ulleråker. These areas were the last to receive the decision in Ulleråker, and now the process moves forward in the goal of official adoption.

Mandaworks, together with our collaborators Warm in the Winter, has been working closely with Uppsala Kommun to develop the plan area, which will accommodate 4,400 homes, 20,000 square meters of office space, new schools & pre-schools, and is organized around Uppsala's tram line extension.

The new base of the planning assignment is anchored in the unique context of Ulleråker by preserving and further strengthening the cemetery and Södra Ulleråkers and Tallstråkets valuable landscape elements. Culturally important buildings along Ulleråkersvägen and in Tallstråket were designated to be saved. Sustainable means of transportation are a critical part of the plan as foot- and bike paths will spread in all directions with service distributed equally across the district. The proposal also meets the municipality’s ambition for introducing a child-perspective to the city: large preschool and school yards will be drawn in nature’s vicinity.

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